Deadline is close! You have until 5pm on Sunday!

Use this form to submit your photo for the 2021 FOSCA Rescue Calendar. Read the rules and tips, then begin with the form at bottom.

Pet Photo Entry Rules

  • Photo Eligibility: Photos must be of:
    • pets adopted from the Los Alamos Animal Shelter; or
    • pets adopted from other shelters (or otherwise rescued) whose owners live or work in Los Alamos County.
  • Quantity Limits: We cannot accept more than 3 photos per household. Each photo must be submitted separately.
  • Submission Formats: This form accepts JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF or PICT formats, black & white or color. Images should be at least 300 dpi for clear quality.
  • Deadline: All submissions must be received by Sunday, October 4, 5pm.
  • Contacts: For additional information about eligibility and submissions, please call FOSCA at 844-523-6722 or visit our home page.

Photo Tips

We want fun, interesting, beautiful, humorous pictures of your pets - here are some tips on making your pets shine!

  • Tire them out first — especially for energetic pets!
  • Take indirect facial shots (or avoid a flash) to avoid the "zombie" look.
  • Be aware of lighting — light in front of the camera can create a glare, light from behind the camera can create a shadow of the photographer. Shots taken on overcast days and in even (but bright) shade are the best.
  • Shoot from their level — for a more intimate picture.
  • Don’t get angry — your pet won’t enjoy the experience and you won’t get a good picture.
  • Take lots of pictures! Unlike people, pets usually can’t hold a cute pose while you focus the lens and adjust the lighting. Taking many pictures increases your chances of one great picture.
  • Have Fun!

What is the FOSCA Rescue Calendar?

The FOSCA Rescue Calendar is designed to celebrate those special adopted companions that come to brighten our lives, often bringing with them a unique personality formed out of a mysterious past with unknown origins and unfathomable experiences. The FOSCA Rescue Calendar will be available for sale from local merchants and by mail starting November 2, 2020. Watch our home page for details.

Step 1 of 4: Upload Your Photo

Begin by uploading your photo. Once your photo is uploaded, you will be asked to enter details about your photo and yourself. Click the first button to find and select your photo, then click Upload.

Disclaimer: Read before submitting your photograph!

  1. Selection of photo submissions will be based on eligibility of submission, quality of photo, space available, and other criteria held at the discretion of the selection committee. Entry of a photo does not guarantee inclusion in the calendar.
  2. Entered photos become the property of the Friends of Shelter and Companion Animals. Photos may be used in calendar, publicity materials, and/or future fundraising efforts.